Fastelavn in the yard Sunday March 3rd at 2 o’clock

All children and childlike souls of all ages are welcome when we beat the barrel on Sunday March 3rd at 2 o’clock at the drying area by no. 14.

As usual, we set up two barrels – a barrel in cardboard for the small children (0-3 years) and a barrel in wood for the rest. Maybe they are empty or maybe they are full as they usually are ;o)

Please come dressed up, both adults and children, but it is no requirement.

We provide some cakes, coffee and lemonade. If you don’t want to beat the barrel, but just want a cup of coffee with your neighbors, please fell free to join us.

There is no registration – just come and bring the good mood.

Well met!

Regards the board of Godthåbs Have

For questions – please contact Alice Juhl, phone. 26 22 47 04 or

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